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Last updated: June 7, 2020

This section describes usual questions our users have when using our platform. Here you can consult these questions and find answers that will solve your problems.

List of questions:

What are we?

We are a proxy provider that offers residential IPs to our users so they can have access to content on different websites from any part of the world, masking their real IP. Using our residential proxies you can bypass several government blocks as you browse anonymously.

How do we work?

As a proxy server, we act as an intermediary between the connections of our clients and the destination server. Instead of connecting directly to a server that can fulfill a requested resource, our proxy receives your requests to access different pages and is in charge of transmitting them to the web server potentially masking their true origin.

What are our use-cases?

We allow our customers to access web content blocking censorships applied by some countries. Our Residential use-cases include:

  • Browsing Privacy: we protect you from malware present on the internet and provide you communication anonymity, preventing IP tracking.
  • Avoid IP Banning: our proxy servers were devised to add structure and encapsulation to distributed systems since they hide your IP and also block cookies and scripts hosted on websites, relaying your traffic through our residential IPs.
  • Censor of Geolocation: avoid region blocking by choosing the geolocation of your request to get access to content from anywhere.
  • Web Automation Tools: used for market research and business intelligence.

Are we a safe service?

We take serious measures to keep the data of our users private and secure. The residential proxies we offer provide encryption and security to the information given by our customer and the residential IP’s provider.

How do we keep websites from blocking access to online content?

Some websites look up for IP databases to determine the location of a person and whether the request is made from a residential or datacenter IP. If the request is determined to be from a restricted location or an IP address that is not residential, those websites will block their content or allow deceiving information to limit the effectiveness of automated access. We allow our customers to transfer their web requests using residential IP addresses to avoid all kinds of restrictions.

Can a website know when you are using a proxy?

The website you are trying to get access to will only see the IP address you purchased from us. Since this IP is residential, then the website will see your income normally for you will seem a normal person trying to get access to it.

Are there forbitten uses of our services?

Whatever legal use of our service, as long as it doesn’t violate any law, terms and conditions, is allowed. As our customer you should make sure that your use-case doesn’t violate any of the above mentioned when sing our service.

What countries are our proxies available from?

Our residential proxies are mainly from USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, among others. You can specify which of these countries to purchase a proxy from to tunnel your internet traffic.

Are our IPs rotating or static?

We provide both rotating and static IPs, allowing you to select which method you would like to use as part of your purchase.

Do we provide HTTP or SOCKS proxies?

We offer HTTT and HTTPS protocols for the use of proxies. Any browser or operative system that supports the HTTP protocol will be compatible with our services and you’ll be able to use them in our platform.

What payment methods do we have?

We charge for the amount of GB consumed; the cost of each GB is 3$ but we offer a discount for over 10GB consumed. You can have an additional GB for 1.75$. To buy more GB, just contact us via mail or telegram and we will handle you all the information for your purchase. Our company currently accepts PayPal and cryptocurrency.

Do we have a reseller API?

You can contact technical support via Telegram to get more information.

How do you start using our services?

You can use our services with any software that supports HTTP and HTTPS.

Can you use our service in more than one computer at the same time with the same account?

Yes, you can use Residential Proxy from different computers at the same time with the same account as long as you have available GB to spend.

How can you get help and support?

You can contact us via Telegram by @ResidentialProxyOnline or email us at